The Cat Clinic of Cobb

2440 Sandy Plains Road
Marietta, GA 30066


Feline Grooming

At the Cat Clinic of Cobb, we offer feline grooming services with the goal of keeping our patients comfortable during and after the procedures.

The grooming services offered are:

  • Lion cut
  • Comb out
  • Sanitary Shave
  • Belly Shave
  • Nail Trim
  • Bath

While we do not have a professional groomer on our staff and can not offer fancy scissor cuts, we are very proud of the work our technicians do.  They are very detail oriented and want to send your cat home looking his or her very best.

We schedule two grooms a day Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  You must have your cat to us for admittance between 7:30 a.m. and 8 AM.  This allows us to have plenty of time to work with them during the day.  Normal discharge is between 5 and 6 PM.  Of course, if your cat is ready before this time we will gladly call you for an early pick up.  

At the Cat Clinic of Cobb we make every effort to groom our patients without distressing the cats or injuring any of our staff members.  However, many cats simply do not take kindly to being groomed or getting wet!  In some instances, mats may be close to the skin and it can be uncomfortable and painful to remove them.  If your cat becomes too agitated or aggressive, we will not use force to get the groom done, as this would only serve to further upset the cat and possibly even cause injury.  In these cases we recommend the use of sedation to calm the patient and insure a thorough grooming.

A light sedation allows us to do a good job, while keeping your cat comfortable.  Any cat requiring sedation will be examined by a doctor and the proper sedation will be determined.  An additional $47.00 will be charged if sedation is required. If your patient is over 7 years old, we require lab work to ensure the proper anesthetic protocol is used for your cats safety. You can call us at the clinic to discuss lab work and prices.

We do not have a price list for our grooming services, but prices typically range from $25 to $95.  Our fees depend upon your grooming request, the cat's coat length, and the severity of matting.  When your cat is admitted for grooming, the technician performing the groom will be happy to take a look at your cat and give you an estimate at that time.

***All cats admitted for grooming must be current on Rabies vaccination.

If you have any questions, please call our office and we will be happy to answer any questions.

BEFORE:  Punkin had mats on his back and belly, and his eyes had the typical Persian discharge.

AFTER:  Punkin had a lion cut, his eyes and ears were cleaned, and his nails were trimmed.



These pictures show how matted this kitty was before her Lion cut. 


These pictures are after her Lion cut. She feels much better now!

Other little Lions: