The Cat Clinic of Cobb

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Dr. Stumpf Cat Clinic of Cobb

Dr. Stumpf

Dr. Nancy Stumpf was born and raised in New York and received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from New Your Institute of Technology and subsequently pursued a successful career in Business Management. However, her love of animal eventually led to her decision to switch career paths and return to school to become a veterinarian. After graduating from North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994 with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Stumpf relocated to Georgia where she has been practicing feline medicine exclusively for the past 20 years. Dr. Stumpf currently resides in Cumming with her husband Gerry and 5 cats. She has also been an active member for the Humane Society of Forsyth County, assisting with off-site adoption events and fundraisers.

Picture coming soon

Dr. Boswell

Dr. Michelle Boswell was born and raised in Alabama, with the dream of becoming a veterinarian for as long as she can remember.


Dr. Boswell received her undergraduate degree from Auburn University and then went on to earn her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the College of Veterinary Medicine in Auburn.  As she began her practicing career, Dr. Boswell enjoyed working with many types of animals, but she realized that she has a particular affection for cats and other small animals, so these breeds have been her specialty for over 20 years.


Dr. Boswell treats all of her patients like they were her own family, and she would happily tell you that her favorite part of her job is everything! She truly embodies her motto, “work to live and live to work,” and she feels privileged to spend every day enjoying that magical human-animal bond.

When she isn’t at The Cat Clinic giving her patients the highest quality of care, Dr. Boswell is an avid music lover who attends as many concerts as she can fit into her schedule. Although her dedication to our feline family members doesn’t leave her with much spare time, she wouldn't trade her profession for the world.  

Brandee Cat Clinic of Cobb


Practice Manager

Our manager, Brandee, has worked building relationships with clients and their pets since 1996. She has been our practice manager since, 2012. She  loves cats and their people. Brandee has strong family values. She takes great pride in knowing our clients, their cats and their needs. 

Brandee loves all animals but cats are her passion. She appreciates the opportunity to help them and their owners.  Brandee believes very strongly in feline practices, she has seen the difference it makes for them and their families.

Brandee was awarded a certificate of completion by the American Animal Hospital Association for successfully completing all requirements and course work in veterinary business management. She is working toward earning her C.V.P.M. certification. 

Brandee and her Granny share a home with 2 cats, "Cleo" & "Gracie" and  " Beezlee" the Shih Tzu.

"Theodore" was for adoption. He is currently spoken for. We are happy that "Theodore" has found his forever home.

Jennifer Cat Clinic of Cobb


  In 2015, Jennifer was hired to be one of our Bed & Breakfast Technicians. Her hard work, dedication and eagerness to learn lead to her becoming our full time receptionist. Jennifer cares about cats and their parents. Every day she strives to educate our patients families and improve every cats life.

She loves to be around all animals. Jennifer spends time with her 9 animals, Crystal, Mia, Sophia, Sweetie, Lloyd, Noodle, Jewel, Mary and Mowgli when she is not at work. 

Jennifer is getting kitty kisses from "Crystal" in her picture. "Crystal" is a total snuggle bug.

Hollie Cat Clinic of Cobb

Receptionist / Veterinary Assistant

Hollie is our "jack of all trades." In 2015 she was hired as a Bed & Breakfast Assistant. Currently, Hollie does both reception and veterinary assistant positions. Hollie goes to Kennesaw State University where she is working toward a major in biology and pursuing  a career working with animals. In her free time, she loves being outside. Her favorite things to do are kayaking and hiking. She has a cuddly orange cat named Happy and a beta fish named Lola.

"Holo" likes to perch on Hollie's shoulder every time she gets a chance.

Veronica Cat Clinic of Cobb

Veterinary Assistant 

 In 2012,  Veronica was hired as a Bed & Breakfast Assistant. She is dedicated to cats and the quality care they deserve. In 2014, during her training as a veterinarian assistant, we quickly discovered that Veronica is a natural.

Veronica is in tune with needs of our doctors and our patients. It is Veronica's goal to treat every patient as one of her own.

When she is not at school or work, Veronica enjoys listening to music, and playing with animals.

Veronica shares her home with 3 cats, "Autumn", "Trooper", and  "Warren".

Veronica is holding "Mojo" a cat who was our house cat but he was adopted. We miss him but we are happy he has a forever home.

Lynne Cat Clinic of Cobb

Veterinary Assistant

We are excited to have added Lynne as one of our very experienced feline devoted veterinary assistants. After working at a mixed practice veterinary clinic for many years, Lynne has decided to follow her heart and care for the animal she is most passionate for...cats! She has quickly become a valuable part of our feline loving family.

Tori Cat Clinic of Cobb

Veterinary Assistant

Tori has been with us since 2014. She has worked in mixed practice animal along with feline only hospitals. She loves all animals, but cats are where her heart is.

Tori understands cats special needs and she  excels at spending the right amount of time with each cat and their family to ensure they get the quality care they deserve.  

We are proud to have her at Cat Clinic of Cobb.

"Cinnamon Pancake"  is enjoying snuggles during picture time, he is one of Tori's family members.

Gab Cat Clinic of Cobb

Veterinary Assistant

Gab was our Lead Veterinary Assistant. Gab has been part of our team since 2014. He has over 11 years of veterinary assistant experience.

He recently changed his primary career but not to worry, Gab is going to be here to help out when needed.

Gab is great with cats! Gab is very gentle. He has a special touch that cats seem to just know that he is here to help them.

He is proud of his accomplishments in attaining multiple hours of continuing education about feline health and client communication. He lives in Atlanta with his daughter.

"Oreo", one of our boarders at Catnappers Bed & Breakfast, is having a tender moment with Gab. 


---------- About our Bed & Breakfast Staff ----------

Every day we receive compliments on our state of the art "Catnapper's Bed&Breakfast". We have an aviary behind plexiglass as part of their entertainment while their parents are away. Also, almost every day clients comment on the cleanliness of our clinic.  People always say that the Cat Clinic of Cobb doesn't look or smell like a veterinary hospital. 

Well, it isn't easy, and we would like for you to know about the ladies who work hard to make it happen.  We currently have three Bed & Breakfast Technicians: They come in early every morning and return again each afternoon to be sure that our Bed and Breakfast patients and visitors are comfortable and our hospital is spotless.  

They also play with the cats and help provide the boarders with time in the spacious romper rooms. They are an important part of our team, and we could not do it all without them!

Judy Cat Clinic of Cobb


Bed & Breakfast Manager

Judy is our full time Catnapper's Bed and Breakfast attendant. Judy takes great pride in taking care of all of our borders. Four great things to know about Judy are, she is dependable, pays close to attention to detail, she is conscientious, and committed in taking the utmost care of our clients' cats. She learns each boarders personality and adjusts their care based on their individual needs. We are blessed to have her as an integral part of our team.